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This tool converts Json into YAML. JSON and YAML both are humen reable digital information serialization languages. However, YAML is better humen readable than JSON specially when it is a long and/or multi-depth nested script. Such json scripts can be conveterd into YAML format to understand and modify the configuration, manually.

For instance, when you look at default AWS CloudFormation scripts/templates for your AWS resources such as access policies, they are in JSON format. Some scripts are difficult to understand in json format but, easier in YAML format. AWS CloudFormation service works with both JSON and YAML scripts. Hence, the conveterd YAML can be used after modification whithout changing its format back to JSON.

There is an api which can be used to convert JSON to YAML by posting json to that api in your application code, dynamically, whereever you need converted YAML in your work flow. The API details are yet to be released.

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